So last time in our Internet marketing journey we left you with our first website. As we mentioned previously this was a site that we purchased already built with its own customer management and email auto-responder system.

Now let’s step forward a few months into early 2009.

We were spending more time online and heard that an Australian man, named Ed Dale, was offering a free program called the 30 Day Challenge. The object of Ed’s challenge was to show beginners to Internet marketing how to set up and build their own website. The end goal of the challenge being to make their very first dollar online.

So it was with some excitement that my whole family of four jumped on board and each signed up to the challenge. We began by learning how to research and find a niche that we were interested in that was also full of ‘hungry’ buyers.

Our son decided on a website in the photography niche and built a site aimed at teaching digital photography basics. He wrote several blog articles and added them to his website.

Our daughter loves gardening and so she decided on a website that revolved around raised gardens beds. She was also happy to add multiple posts to her garden blog.

My husband searched for some niche ideas and came up with the forex (foreign exchange) currency market. He was very excited and set out to build his site with loads of articles about fx robots and different forex auto trading systems.

I struggled to find a niche. This was something that I just could not seem to get my head around. It needed to be a topic that interested me so that I could stay motivated and write about it and also something that had the prospect of making sales.

In the end I built a website around pregnancy and getting pregnant as that was something that I was hoping for at that point in time. Out of the four websites that my family created mine was the least successful. I just found that I really struggled finding good ideas to write content on.

One of the criteria for the challenge was to ensure that there were quality affiliate products or services that we could write about and promote on our sites. Hence we each added in affiliate links to our blogs and also a couple of banners with links to the products that we wanted to promote.

At the end of the 30-day challenge my family had created four new websites. This in itself was a great milestone, as we had never known how to do this previously.

We were not successful however in making our first dollar during the 30 days. But we did have the skeleton that we needed and the basic knowledge to move forward.

Over the coming weeks we began to bring in affiliate commissions from my husband’s forex website. These sales even continue till today (some 6 years later), but have dropped off since we are not really doing anything currently with the website.

Over the past 6 years we have also made a couple of hundred dollars in sales from the digital photography website.

After the 30 day challenge our two young adult kids lost interest as they did not see that first dollar come in. Hence it was just my husband and I who continued working in our online business.

What has been your experience in getting started making money online? We would love to read your comments. So please leave your thoughts and experiences below. We will be sure to reply to you too.

Until next time, Remember to Enjoy Life, Smile at a stranger and Make a Difference in the World!

Your Friend in Life and Success,

Leanne Annett :-)

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