A Fairy Tale, The Beginnings

Princess Daughter of the KingOnce upon a time, there was a poor young girl. She did not have a lot of fancy clothes or possessions like many of those around her, but she lived in large family and had a happy life.

In fact, she was the eldest of six children.

Each weekday she happily went to school and did her best to do well. She loved it when she got good grades and the teachers told her, “Well Done!” Somehow those words empowered her to keep going and put in more effort to continue doing well.

This young girl loved her family and always wanted to bless them. She loved her mum and dad.

She also loved her four younger brothers and baby sister, even though she did not really always know how to show them her love. Something that she wishes she could change.

This young girl grew up and celebrated her 18th birthday. She only had two months left at school and then the whole world was before her. What was she going to do with her life?

She was seeking to find the answer to that question. She thought that perhaps she might join the defence forces and have a career as an officer and serve her nation.

Then 11 days after her eighteenth birthday something happened. She was touched by her Creator and gave Him her heart. She dedicated herself and her life to His service. She was changed at this point in time from a poor young lady to the Daughter of the King. She was now a Princess.

Over the coming weeks as this young woman sought her Abba for direction for her life and future she felt that the armed forces was not the way that He wanted her to go.

Princess DollIn fact, within a short time of surrendering her heart to her Lord, she was introduced to the People that He treasures above all. The ones He first placed His trust in to show Him to the rest of the world.

He placed such a deep love in this young person’s heart for His people that she began to learn about them. She studied and found out more about this nation on the opposite side of the world.

During this same time she also enrolled in College and studied hard. But it was a struggle. She found the different style of teaching at college as compared to school to be quite difficult to master and so she struggled along doing okay, but not that well. It was a hard time.

After two and a half years of studying hard at college this young princess felt her Abba speak to her and tell her that the following year she was to take a year off from her studies and go over to the other side of the world and spend the year with her Creator’s treasured nation.

She began planning and was amazed at how everything fell into place. A contact person was found who could set her up with some work experience for her college course. This was a great first step.

Money came in to purchase the plane tickets and then enough to keep her going for the full year. It was amazing how this young princess was blessed with all that she needed.

She completed her third year at college and then packed for her first ever trip overseas.

This princess’ story will continue next time.

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