If God Is Not Real

Loving Heavenly Abba's HandsI was recently talking with a friend who does not believe at all in God and some of the things she said got me thinking. Then when I was chatting with the Lord today a thought came to my mind…

What if I got to the end of my life only to find that God truly is not real! Would I wish that I could go back in time and change my life and live differently or change my beliefs?

I thought about it for a few moments and then smiled as I said to the Lord in prayer, “No Abba, I wouldn’t change anything. The years that I have spent in relationship with You have been too precious. If my belief in You turned out to be untrue then I still know that I have lived a fulfilling life where I knew many blessings each day and saw many answers to my prayers.”

No! I would not wish to change anything or to live my life differently if God ends up being not real!

It is funny because there is no way that I know of to explain my relationship with the Lord with a person who does not even believe that He exists. Yet I know, beyond doubt, that He is real! He does live and interact with me each and every day. He loves me and is with me all of the time, regardless of my actions or behaviour.

The God who spoke the world into existence means so very much to me and is the very foundation of my life and existence!

He has proven Himself to be faithful each day and in every circumstance that I find myself in.

Over the 25 plus years since I gave the Lord my life and asked Him to be my Messiah and Saviour I have come to know Him in so many different ways. I feel like I have still only just glimpsed a small amount of His character and who He is. Like a diamond that shines and glimmers with different colours and intensity depending on the angle of viewing, so it is with my precious Lord. He is so awesome and truly amazing that I want to spend eternity getting to know Him more and more!

To me my Lord is:

  • My very best friend,
  • my Heavenly Father,
  • my Abba (Hebrew for Daddy),
  • my protector,
  • my ever-present companion,
  • my provider,
  • my guide,
  • my strength,
  • my light,
  • my life,
  • my breath,
  • my fortress,
  • my comfort,
  • my everything!

Like gravity exists without us being able to see it, so I know without any shadow of a doubt that God not only exists, but He wants us to know Him. And not just know Him as a special occasion God or as a weekend God at church or synagogue, but He wants each of His creation to know Him intimately. The Lord wants each of us to grow daily in our knowledge of Him, not as head-knowledge, but rather as revelation and heart-knowledge.

Loving Heavenly AbbaI find that as each day and week passes, I catch new glimpses and insights into God’s heart and character. He is so amazingly huge and powerful and yet at the same time He is so enormously loving and gracious to those who turn their lives and hearts over to Him!

His heart and desire is to bless and to see us bless others! His heart is for peace and reconciliation. His plan for each of us is to give us a future and a hope!

I am sitting here writing this with a smile on my face, because I feel like the most blessed and privileged person in the world because I know the Lord who created heaven and earth and He is my best friend!

No! I would not change a thing about my beliefs or relationship with God, except to grow in my understanding and knowledge of who He is and of His Amazing Grace and Unconditional love for every human being on this planet!

I know that one day soon I will see Him face to face and oh what a day that will be! Tears and joy all mingled as one as I run up to Him and worship Him with my whole being.

Thank you, Abba for the privilege of knowing You. May I know You more and more each day and may You grant that others see You in me, even in my many weaknesses! I love you, Abba!”

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