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Continuing on from my post “March 2008 The Beginning of Change” we have still stepped back 7 years ago into 2008.

While at the wealth creation workshop we heard from a variety of speakers. Each speaker shared his or her own preferred method of making money. Many of these focused on the Internet.

One of the speakers was Dale Beaumont. He shared about his idea for making an online income through a unique membership website. His program was called the “Mega Success Club”.

Dale went above and beyond. He allowed people to come along to another weekend event where the specifics of the websites were outlined in exact detail. He even threw in a delicious smorgasbord lunch for all attendees.

During this weekend event all participants could decide if they wanted to invest in Dale’s offer. If they decided that they were not interested then they owed nothing.

This really impressed me. In fact, almost all of the attendees decided to proceed and invest.

My husband, our two young adult children and I all attended Dale’s Mega Success Club weekend. We also brought one of our son’s best friends with us, as he was already involved in computer programming. His opinion was also helpful in the decision that we made.

So after the two days of going through what Dale was providing we did decide to go ahead and invest in our own membership website. The cost was several thousand dollars, but at the time we believed that it was the correct decision to make.

[Aside: after seven years in the Internet marketing circle we would have made a different decision, because now we know how to build and set up our own websites. But back in 2008 we knew very little about the online world of making money.]

Dale’s mega success club supplied each purchaser with a unique website fully stocked with a variety of pdfs, audios and videos from leaders in a range of industries related to all areas of setting up and running an online business.

We got to select our domain name and the design that we wanted on our site. Each of our family enjoyed using Apple Macs rather than PCs and this influenced the domain name that we chose.

The domain that we decided on was iLifestyleClub.com. You can see our original website at http://www.ilifestyleclub.com/.

Please note that the website is still visible, but no longer works as it did initially. I plan on updating and reworking this website over the coming months.




This design was created over the coming week by Dale’s team. Some of the text and features on the website we had control over and could edit ourselves. While other features could only be changed by Dale’s design team. We found this somewhat limiting over the coming months, as we wanted to make changes to the site.

The model was based around driving traffic to the website and offering the visitors five free gifts to get them to opt in.

Once they signed up for the free gifts they started to receive emails through an auto-responder that was built into the website and included with our purchase. These automated emails shared with our visitors how they could take up a $1 offer to get started in the membership site.

After the initial $1 offer they would then be charged $47 each month. We would receive about half of this $47 and Dale would receive the other half to cover his fees. Dale provided website hosting and ongoing support.

Knowing what we do now we could have made a better go of this opportunity. But all those years ago we know absolutely nothing about traffic or driving traffic. Hence we found it tough to get visitors to our website or to get any people signing up to our email list.

Over the following months we did get dozens of people opting into our list and enjoying the five free gifts that we gave them.

A handful people of these visitors even went on to sign up for the $1 trial offer. Then a few of these did join the monthly club and began to pay $47. The problem was that after a couple of months they decided to leave as they had gone through the material and did not want to keep paying.

So after a large investment we really only made back approximately $300, which did not even come close to covering our purchase costs.

Next blog post I will continue with some tips from our own personal experience for getting started in an online business.

Note I have set up a new category named “My Online Journey”. Inside this category you will find all the posts that relate to our journey in our online business since we first got started in 2008.

Until next time, Remember to Enjoy Life, Smile at a stranger and Make a Difference in the World!

Your Friend in Life and Success,

Leanne Annett :-)

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