Toddler Trusting in His FatherIt has been a while since I have written anything on my site, but I hope now to be able to add articles and content on a regular basis.

Up until now I have been trying to work out exactly what I wanted to do with this website and what information I wanted to include. I now have a clearer picture in my mind and so hope to move forward.

Last night I went to a Touching Heaven ladies’ night at my church, Metro, on the Gold Coast. Heidi shared something at the end of the night that really spoke to me.

Heidi shared about her nephew who had been really sick when he was a baby. The doctors had basically given up and thought he would die without major surgery.

Heidi and her family prayed and the Lord did a miracle. Her nephew was healed and started to grow and develop just fine.

After a while the nephew began to go backwards and get sick again. The family started asking, “Why is this happening? We need to pray harder and believe more!”

As they focused more and more on the sickness and the problem, Heidi’s nephew continued to go downhill and get sicker and sicker.

Trusting HandsIt was not until they realized that they needed to take their eyes off the problem and off the sickness and put them onto the Lord that this young boy began to be healed again!

This really spoke to me! When Heidi said “Take your eyes off the problem and put them onto Jesus!” it somehow spoke straight to my heart.

I am not struggling with health issues, but rather with finances and the worry of how we pay upcoming bills. I have been so focused on the financial situation and asking God to help us that I believe my eyes have moved off the Lord and onto the money problems!

So on the spot there at church I made a decision to move my eyes back onto the Lord and to allow Him to fix our problems and to bring in the provision that He has already promised to do in His word.

So with that said, I choose to put my eyes onto my Heavenly Father and the Lord Jesus.

I pray that you too will be able to remove your eyes from whatever problem you are currently struggling with in your own life. It is sometimes easier said than done, but still well worth the commitment to place your eyes on the Lord and to trust in Him to fulfil the promises that He has made to His children in the Bible.

Until next time, Remember to Enjoy Life, Smile at a Stranger and Make a Difference in the World!

Your Friend in Life and Success,

Leanne   :-)

Happy Passover & Easter 2011

Happy Passover 2011It is holiday time again! A time to relax and spend quality time with family and those you care about. Forget about work for a few days and kick back. Perhaps even go camping or on another fun holiday?

I just want to wish each and everyone of my readers a fun, blessed and safe holiday season.

Passover began a few days ago and Easter is at the end of the week, not far away. So no matter which one you celebrate remember that we rejoice in the fact that the shedding of blood cleanses us for all sin. What a wonderful blessing the Lord has given to us as His children!

So from my home to your, Happy Passover, Happy Easter for 2011!

From my heart,

Leanne Annett <><

Have you ever felt that some days everything seems to get on top of you?
Have you felt that sometimes nothing seems to go your way?

Have you ever felt like you were just starting to get on top of the circumstances in your life and then you something else went wrong?

Well I can relate. Sometimes I seem to be working through the challenges that life throws me and then another challenge jumps up in front of me.

Victory is OursI don’t know about you, but sometimes I think that I am a slow learner. I seem to need to repeat the same mistakes in order to learn and grow. Can you relate?

This morning, I was spending some quiet time alone with God, praying and reading His Word and a devotional, The Word For Today. The Lord really spoke to me through the words that Bob Gass had written in this devotional.

It was based around Joshua chapter 6 when the Children of Israel where lead by God to enter the Promised Land. Their first stop and direction from God was to march around the walls of Jericho.

I believe that this whole scenario was set up by the Lord to speak to His people that the Battle is not ours, but His! God was showing us that the Victory had already been won! The Lord already had done the work and won the battle and the Victory! All the Children of Israel needed to do was to be obedient and to follow the instructions that the Lord gave them (which they did) and they saw the Mighty Hand of God do a miracle.

God told them to march … and then when Joshua gave the command to Shout!

So in the natural how could shouting make a wall fall down? No matter how loud they shouted there was no way in the natural that the wall would just fall!

So how did it come down?

Great question.

Victory is OursThe secret lies in the fact that we serve a God and Father who loves us beyond everything that we have ever imagined or even thought of! His love for us is so great that He gave us His best by sending Jesus to die in our place, so we could be restored to relationship with Him!

So if it is true that God loves us this much then it makes total sense that He wants us to learn to rely on Him and not on ourselves to conquer the challenges that life throws at us.

Think about it. If we face challenges in life and we can struggle and work hard and overcome them, then why do we need the Lord? The answer is that no matter how hard we work and fight in our own strength we will always we struggling and fighting as more and more challenges and obstacles arise.

My prayer for you is that you will stop right now and seek the One who loves you intimately and infinitely and ask Him to show you and teach you how to learn to rely on Him and His finished work for your life and your family!

So remember that just as God showed His people thousands of years ago when they moved from the wilderness to the Promised Land, so He also is showing you. He has already won the Victory for you in every area of your life! You just need to seek His face and learn from Him how to walk each day in this Victory from a place of Resting in His finished work for You!

Wow! What an amazing Lord and Father we have!

Until next time, Remember to Enjoy Life, Smile at a stranger and Make a Difference in the World!

Your Friend in Life and Success,

Leanne Annett :-)

Empowering OthersWelcome to my Blog and website about my Dreams, Goals and Passions to Make a Difference in the World and to Empower others to be all that they can be.

I will be adding more to this site regularly so please come back often to see what you can learn and implement in your own life that you can then use to Bless and Empower others.

Until next time,
Remember to Enjoy Life, Smile at a stranger and Make a Difference in the World.

Leanne Annett :-)