Welcome to LeanneAnnett.com.

This site has been set up to Empower others, to be a Voice for the Voiceless, to place Value upon Humanity and to find ways to Make a Difference in the World!

Our Vision is to see people living life to the full, helping, encouraging and empowering each other every day. No matter what our backgrounds we desire to see each one living to the full potential that God created them for – knowing that they are loved intimately and infinitely by a loving Creator and Father.

Our Mission is to:

  • Empower others in practical ways that each visitor can participate in;
  • To Speak out and be a Voice for those who have no voice;
  • To Place Value upon Humanity as God intended from the beginning;
  • To find ways to make the world a better place and to Make a Difference;
  • To be a part of the Answer rather than the problem.

So I pray that you enjoy this site. Look around at your leisure and be sure to comment and leave feedback so I know what I can add to help empower you in your own life!

Until next time, Remember to Enjoy Life, Smile at a stranger and Make a Difference in the World!

Your Friend in Life and Success,

Leanne Annett:-)

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