If you have been online working in the Internet marketing arena for any length of time then it is likely that you have had this question directed at you.

When are you going to get a real job?

I personally have had multiple family members (both on my side of the family and also my husband’s family) as well as friends ask me “So are you thinking of finding a real job?”

Each time I hear this asked I feel my heart beat drop with a sense of sadness. I also feel like I need to defend myself and explain myself to them.

I guess that in the mind of the average person they think that the only way to bring in an income is to go out and find a job and be employed by a boss. To these well meaning loved ones it is not possible to make money without having regular employment and working for someone else.

Have you been asked this type of question? If so then how did it make you feel? What did you tell them?

From my own personal experience with still being asked this after seven years, I think it will take a bit more of an increase in our online income to begin to change their minds. I truly hope that once we are consistently bringing in $10,000 a month that we will not hear this painful question any longer.

Once we are making $20k and above surely our family and friends will see that there are indeed other options these days to support the family and bring in money to pay the bills! At least that is my hope.

I personally know without a shadow of a doubt that it is possible to earn a good income while working from home (or anywhere in the world for that matter) on the Internet. It just requires focus, commitment, a good mentor to help shorten your road to success and a good plan.

Please share your personal experiences with questions from your family and friends during your own online journey. I would love to read your thoughts in the comments below.

Until next time, Remember to Enjoy Life, Smile at a stranger and Make a Difference in the World!

Your Friend in Life and Success,

Leanne Annett :-)

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